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Written by Warna Downey


Posted on May 01 2021

THIS RIGHT HERE GETS ME SO DEEPLY "No lineups. No restrictions over what they may spend their money on. Billionaire-owned retailers have zero restrictions. " - from Lisa Drader-Murphy I cannot express this sentiment loud enough. We have to continually change our business models to be better and think outside the box to try and save ourselves when the billionaires have no restrictions or repercussions. The government shop local message is lost on deaf ears while Jeff Bezos, the Walton family, the Sobeys, and whoever owns Loblaws rake in billions upon billions of dollars.

BEFORE YOU ORDER FROM ONE OF THE RETAIL GIANTS THINK. Think about the impact that this pandemic has had on actual small businesses. Before you hit order online with the like of Amazon or Walmart THINK - think about how you can support someone who has a small or locally-owned business - curbside pickup, free local delivery or buy a gift card.

Can't afford to? We get that!! SHARE OUR POSTS, REPOST OUR TIKTOK AND VIDEOS, BE OUR CHEERLEADER BY COMMENTING ON EVERY POST YOU SEE. MAKE A LIST OF THE BUSINESSES YOU LOVE AND TAG THEM IN IT. These are businesses that have faces behind the companies that actually care about the clientele. Businesses who have taken the time to learn your name, to make you feel special when you walk through the door, places that you would be sad about if they closed.

THE HARD TRUTH IS MANY BUSINESSES CANNOT WEATHER THE 3RD WAVE. We can't take on more loans to pay for being locked down. The federal supports are not enough - especially for businesses like mine who don't qualify. We have to lay off employees - they aren't just employees - they are our second families. These are the people who make our businesses go, they are just as invested in our vision as we care and it guts us to see them suffering while we are suffering.

WHY SHARING & COMMENTING IS ESSENTIAL - the billionaires own the advertising and social media platforms. Their algorithms are specifically designed to make sure our posts don't go viral and get seen. The algorithms need to be broken so that more and more people can spread the word to help these small businesses. We don't have unlimited money to pay to run ads on their platforms.



Warna Downey

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