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Which part would you alter first? The Culture

Written by Warna Downey


Posted on October 20 2021

We are all taught from a young age that our bodies should be altered and not accepted and revered for how they are. It is time to challenge this, and to fight hard to change it.
We as women spend so much time trying to change who we are and how we look to conform to a society that is constantly telling us that we are not good enough. In fact, there are entire industries set up just to capitalize on just that, and rake in billions of dollars a year to boot. (Me looking at weight loss and fitness industries)
I don't know about you, but I have long grown tired of seeing and listening to large companies telling me that my life will be better if I diet and exercise more, or if my eyelashes and hair are fuller. I am tired of being told that my body isn’t good or that I need to change in any way. Even that everything will be improved if my house is cleaner. In fact, I am burnt out from all of this.
Let's be real life is busy. Really busy. Work, eat, sleep, repeat. Sometimes that is all I have time for.
We don't need to be perfect and have flawless skin and adorable well-behaved children and be a pro-chef in the kitchen and be nailing our job and have a hobby and side hustle.

We need to start loving things deeply and stop criticizing not only ourselves but our friends and our peers. We need to start lifting ourselves up and other women up. We need to celebrate our achievements and be proud of them. We need to shift the culture so that we can thrive no matter what size clothing we wear or how perfectly curated our life looks on Instagram. And sometimes we just need to eat a whole damn bag of chips and sit on our couch and binge watch Netflix because that is all we can handle that day.

Anyone else?



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