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What if there was a way you could have an in-store shopping experience at home?

It would be amazing, right?! At LFF+ we recognize how hard it is to go shopping right now. We want you all to stay safe and healthy. We couldn't think of a better way to shop than to bring our dressing room to you! 



Our newest service enables the ultimate try-on session at home by allowing you to try before you buy. It is the ideal way to make sure all of the item you love look fabulous on you and that they co-ordinate with your wardrobe. 

Safe. Convenient. No subscriptions required.

Try before you buy

Keep the outfits you love and return the rest. Available with curbside pickup to residents of HRM.

No subscription required

And no hidden fees. Order a 5 pieces to try-on when the mood strikes. Your style, your way.


What's the cost?

You'll pay a $29.99 styling fee, which goes toward your purchase.

 How it works?

You choose any 5 items from to try-on from our AKUTRE Collection and add them to your cart along with the Styling Fee. Check out and select curbside pickup. You pay only the Styling Fee at this time. We will be in touch shortly by email to schedule an over the phone for a one-on-one consultation including instructions on how to measure your body. Once you this information back to us along with our credit card authorization form we will pack up your order and you will be notified to ready for pickup. Take the clothes home to try them on. Keep what you want to buy, return what didn’t work.

Which customers have access to AKUTRE ?

The A.KU.TRE try-on box is available to almost anyone living in HRM as long as they have a valid credit card with expiration dates at least 90 days in the future. A pre-authorization will be held on this card until purchase or your invoice is processed, which ever happens first. Note: Debit Cards, Prepaid cards and gift cards are not accepted.

Are there any fees associated with the AKUTRE try-on box?

There is a styling fee of $29.99. This fee will be charged at checkout when you select the items for you to try on in the safety and comfort of your own home. If you decided to purchase any of your items, the fee will be discounted from your order total before processing. However, if you send back all the items of your order, we will not be able to re-credit you the $29.99 styling fee.

When will I be charged?

The $29.99 styling fee is charged at checkout. After we receive your returns, we’ll charge you for any items you kept (less the $29.99 styling fee, which is credited toward your purchase). If you want to keep everything, just let us know, and we’ll charge you for the entire order. Don’t want to wait to be charged for the items you want to keep? You can also pay right away during your home try-on period by checking out using the link provided in your email. 

What items are eligible for the AKUTRE Try-On Box?

All items eligible for out at home try-on box can be found on the following page This page is updated on a regular basis as new styles arrive and old styles sell out. 

How many items can I try at one time?

You can try five items at a time with the AKUTRE Try-On Box. You cannot add more than one exact item at a time to a single order (i.e., same size and color). There is no minimum dollar threshold for the AKUTRE Try-On Box.

How long is the try-on period?

Your try-on period will end 4 days from the day your order is picked up or delivered. Before the end of the try-on period, we will send you an email reminder to let you know that any thing you want to return needs to be done by the end of the business day. Once we have received your return, we will verify the condition of the clothing we will process you invoice. You have until 5 pm on the last day of try-on period to return any items to the store via curbside drop-off. No late returns are allowed. If you keep it longer than you should we assume that you love all of them and you will be charged the full amount plus the styling fee.

What happens if I decided I no longer want an item after I the try-on period is over?

In this case our regular returns policy applies. If you live in HRM, you can return your items in-store within 14 days following the order date for an in-store credit only.