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How many times have you gone into a dressing room or purchased an item online only to try it on and be unsatisfied with how the clothing looks on your body? The fits are weird and the size charts don't really mean anything. Too long, too big in the shoulders, too tight around the middle, shapeless or just looks sloppy? We have all been there many times I am sure of it! 

At La Femme Fatale + we see first hand how hard it is to find good clothing that fits your body beautifully. We see this each and every time we have a customer go in to the dressing room, in love with an outfit that doesn't quite work for their body type. We work closely with each of our customers to find that perfect piece that makes them look and feel like a million dollars, but we don't think that is enough. We want to do even better!

We would absolutely love it if you could help us by giving us your body measurements. We are not just talking about bust-waist-hip either. We want them all - from neck circumferences to the size of your ankles. With a background in science we know that in order to disrupt that fashion industry we need good data and lots of it. We will take all of the data you provide us with an create a master database of body shapes and sizes. This will allow us to produce lines of clothing specifically tailored to fit your body type. It will help us understand the size distribution of people and to better understand how much of each size to produce.  

So help us grow and get better! Help us disrupt the fashion industry and turn it right on its head with a better understanding of what's really important - YOU!